How to create a Christmas Calm Down Kit

1:24 pm 28 April 2021 Jose Fernandez 0 Comments

Christmas can be a tough time for kiddos. Especially for our more sensitive little people – toddlers and preschoolers, the kids who experience anxiety, the ones who struggle with emotion regulation, the kids with sensory processing difficulties and special needs. Christmas can be hugely overwhelming for many of our little ones.

And of course, I created the Mindfulness for children to help you set up a calming, quiet space for your kids and to teach them how to self regulate when they experience big emotions. But Christmas, with its often over the top sensory experiences, and extra social expectations and obligations can bring its own unique set of challenges. And I’m frequently asked – what can I do when we’re not in the house and we can’t use our calm down space? How do I help my child then?

So I’ve put together something a bit special to help your kids (and you!) manage some of those BIG feelings that come up more often at Christmas time. Mindfulness for Children. This kit is designed to support your child to process their big emotions during the holiday season. It contains Christmas themed activities and resources that your child will love to use AND, it’s a bit smaller than the original calm down kit, because it’s designed to be more portable.

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