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10:23 am 1 June 2021 Jose Fernandez 0 Comments

We have all stayed in hotel rooms where the odour has been somewhat unpleasant. Thankfully, some of the top hotels in London and the UK are now increasingly using quality ozone generation machines to tackle this problem and eliminate any unwanted lingering smells. Premium ozone machines like the ones manufactured by ourselves work quickly and efficiently to stop all unpleasant odours in their tracks.

Employees of any business can be easily trained to mobilise our ozone machines in order to start the cleaning process. Once switched on, the machines allow the staff member to leave the room before starting the cleaning cycle. Within minutes the machine completes its cycle of creating and releasing the ozone gas before making the room even safer by replacing the ozone gas with healthy breathable oxygen (which many other ozone machines do not). This entire procedure takes only a few minutes to complete).

Since the start of the current pandemic, education facilities such as schools as well as medical facilities such as GP surgeries are now joining leading London and UK hotels in the practice of using ozone machines like the ones we manufacture to keep everyone safe. It has become a vital and significant part of any organisations protocol to ensure their guests and customers are aware of their efforts to keep them safe and their premises free from possible infection. Since quality ozone machines are capable of killing viruses. the demand for our ozone generators has grown steadily over the last 12 to 24 months.

One of the key features of our ozone machines is that our machines are programmed and designed to not only create ozone gas and release it in a room or any enclosed space, they also go one step further by converting the released ozone gas back into breathable and fresh oxygen once the room or area has been successfully cleaned – this is something many ozone generators do not do. This extra safety function is why many of our clients’ report a very fresh and clean smell after each cycle.

We do not recommend any ozone machine or generator be left to run continuously because firstly it may not be required and secondly it is advisable that nobody breathes in large quantities of ozone gas directly. We do recommend that an area or room is cleaned with a good quality  ozone generator each time it has been used; for example, after a hotel guest has completed they’re stay, at the end of the office day, before the start of a working day in a restaurant or takeaway establishment.

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