10 ideas to teach kids mindfulness.

9:20 pm 4 November 2020 Jose Fernandez 0 Comments

This blog, ’10 ideas to teach kids mindfulness’ was inspired through the parents from my Facebook Community: Mindfulness For Children.

We want our children to enjoy learning mindfulness and meditation. So it’s important that we keep it enjoyable. The following ideas are meant to help you do just that. These ideas have been generated through a group chat post, in response to the question:

What mindfulness and meditation exercises are you finding the kids are really enjoying?

  1. Guided Imagery meditation was mentioned the most times.

This meditation is best down laying down. The children learn to use their minds eye to create mental imagery. Ideas for a mind’s eyes journey may include cultivating a beautiful garden in our imagination; or walking through a forest; or along a beach.

Try this adult version for yourself: Mind’s eye meditation with Elizabeth Mulhane

2. Breathing exercises where they are laying down with a stuff toy resting on their belly.

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How long should my child practice mindfulness?

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The answer to the question, ‘‘How long should my child practice mindfulness?” is individual for each child. However, as a rule a child aged 3 to 12 years of age may practice ‘formal mindfulness training’ for around 1 to 5 minutes. You may have heard that a child should practice for one minute for each year they are. For example, a 3 year old should be practicing for 3 minutes, while a 12 years old should be practicing for 12 minutes. However, this is the fastest way to have children hate mindfulness training. And if you are trying to get your children to practice formal mindfulness of breath for 5 to 10 minutes you have probably already noticed most children don’t want to practice for that long! In fact, most adults can’t even do it!

Why? Because that’s more like a ‘time out’ to the average child. Children love learning new things when it’s an enjoyable experience. They are also very quick to dislike learning experiences that just aren’t fun. Take a moment and recall you yourself as a child. Would you enjoy sitting still and focusing on your breathing for 10 minutes?  No, of course not! What’s more you would probably be wonder what’s wrong with the grown ups!

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Free loving kindness exercise for children

8:34 pm 4 November 2020 Jose Fernandez 0 Comments

This free loving kindness exercise for children is designed to promote all 5 of the Early Years Learning Framework.

Exercise: I’m sending love into my world

1. Using 3 to 5 big breaths, have the child blow up an imaginary balloon that’s shaped like a heart. By blowing into their hands and allowing their hands to slowly expand with the blowing up of the imaginary balloon.

2. Have the children speak into the balloon to fill it with loving energy. For example, “I love my mum. And I love my dad, I love my brother. I love my sister. I love my friends, I love my pets.”

3. Once the balloon is full of loving energy, have the children affirm that they are sending that love out into our world. For example, “I’m sending my loving heart out into my world”. Or “I’m sending my loving energy to the people in my heart”.

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